BF 9.9 ... 1988 & Newer
BF 15 ... 1991 & newer
BF 8 ... 2000 & newer
BF 20 ... 2003 & newer

Thru Hub Exhaust & 8 tooth spline

Listed below are Stainless Steel Propellers that will fit your drive. Please contact us if you want us to recommend a propeller for you. We recommend you purchase a propeller online if you know what your existing propeller size is and are happy with its performance.

We do not have any Stainless Steel Propellers listed online for this group of drives. Please contact us so we can quote a price for the specific prop you want.

Would you like to check and see if we have any Aluminum Propellers online for these drives?

If so, check out our Aluminum Propellers page.